Marinduque Island Hopping

Mariduque is a place where you can find the inner peace to reconnect yourself. Rich in natural wonders, history and adventurous activities, there are many things to do in Marinduque including island hopping. Pack up and avail our island hopping packages.

Maniwaya Island Hopping

This island hopping package will bring you to the islands of Maniwaya, Mongpong and Polo as well as to the Palad Sandbar – a semi-fine white sand surrounded with clear, shallow waters ideal for swimming as well as in Ungab Rock Formation.

No. of PaxPrice per Pax
12Php 1,600
11Php 1,719
10Php 1,838
9Php 2,008
8Php 2,178
7Php 2,464
6Php 2,750
5Php 3,325
4Php 3,900
3Php 5,625
2Php 7,350

Hakupan Island Hopping

Our Hakupan Island Hopping include the islets of Jacupan

No. of PaxPrice per Pax
12Php 1,218
11Php 1,303
10Php 1,388
9Php 1,518
8Php 1,648
7Php 1,863
6Php 2,078
5Php 2,508
4Php 2,938
3Php 4,231
2Php 5,525

Tres Reyes Island Hopping

Tres Reyes Islands is composed of the islets of Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar. Only 20-30 minutes away from barangay Pangi in the municipality of Gasan, you will reach the stunning and clear blue water of Gaspar Island.

The beach in Gaspar Island is made of broken coral, but it’s not painful on the feet. There are cottages set-up at the beach front to cater to the guests.

Near the island of Gaspar are islets of Melchor and Baltazar.

No. of PaxPrice per Pax
12Php 1,268
11Php 1,353
10Php 1,438
9Php 1,568
8Php 1,698
7Php 1,913
6Php 2,128
5Php 2,558
4Php 2,988
3Php 4,281
2Php 5,575

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