Privacy Policy

Dream Favor Travel & Tours understands that privacy is important to you and wants your experience when dealing with us to be as enjoyable and safe as possible. This policy describes how Dream Favor Travel & Tours handles your personal information generally as well as when you use our website.

The type of personal information we collect and hold is information or an opinion about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. Generally, Dream Favor Travel & Tours does not collect sensitive information about you such as details of your race, political beliefs, religion or health. However, depending on the products and service you ask us to provide, we may be required to collect some sensitive information when we are providing you with specialized services (such as access requirements for a disability).

We will ask for a broad range of personal information which is necessary for us to provide you with our services. The type of personal information we ask for will depend on which of the travel products with Dream Favor Travel & Tours you book on and the type of product or service you choose.

If we are not able to collect personal information about you, we may not be able to provide you with the products, services or assistance you require. The collection, use or disclosure of your personal information is needed to provide these.


We will generally ask for the following types of personal information:
• Name, address, email and contact details
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Information about your use of our product or service

Depending on the product or service you choose, you may also be asked other types of personal information such as:
• Financial documents
• Passport number
• Credit card details


We collect your personal information:
• By using written forms
• Through contact over the telephone, your mobile or other messaging technology
• Via the internet, including websites and social media
• In person to person contact
• Through subscription and entry forms
• Booking forms and requests for further information
• Emails, response devices


We collect your personal information so we can:
• Identify you and provide you with our products and services including notifying you about new products, services and promotions from time to time.
• Understand your requirements and provide you with a product or service;
• Set up, administer and manage our products and services,
• Get a better understanding of you, your needs, your behaviors and how you interact with us, so we can engage in product and service research, development and business strategy including managing the delivery of our services and products via the ways we communicate with you.


We use and disclose your personal information for the purposes we collected it. Please refer to “Purposes of collection of personal information” section to understand what these purposes may be.

Dream Favor Travel & Tours offers products and services on behalf of a number of other providers including but not limited to tour operators, hotels, resorts, cruise lines and insurance companies. We may be required to disclose your Personal Information to these providers to enable them to provide you with their services and to assist in making your experience a satisfying one. As these providers require this Personal Information when making your booking, if it is not provided we will not be able to finalize your booking.


Dream Favor Travel & Tours has a large range of travel services. Marketing is an important part of our business. We want to collect, use and disclose your personal information to keep you up to date with the range of products and services available from us and which we think may be of interest to you. We use a wide variety of marketing strategies including mail, SMS, email and other internet based marketing including targeted online advertising and social media marketing. Feel free to let us know if you do not wish to receive any updates from us.


All information and physical and/or electronic documents collected by the merchant/sub-merchant may be shared to PayMaya, it’s affiliates, subsidiaries, service providers, payment card issuers, MasterCard, Visa, JCB and relevant law enforcement agencies for retrieval requests, and/or for dispute/fraud/chargeback. This includes Fraud Detection, Mitigation/Prevention, Analysis/Investigation, Processing/Resolution.

We have stringent fraud detection and prevention mechanisms in place. In certain cases, we may require additional information or verifications to validate and confirm the booking. Reservations are not confirmed until we have confirmed that your payment is cleared. It is possible that an accommodation or package tour could become fully booked during the fraud check, in which case the reservation will no longer be available. Scorpio Travel can never be held liable in such cases. Additional information submitted will be treated in line with strict industry standards to protect privacy, using encryption for transmission and specialized agents for verification.

Credit card payments (physical or online) are deemed authorized by the card holder. There are cases that we will require proof of identity to avoid fraudulent transactions.


For any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you may reach us at the contact details indicated below.

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